Jurenda Landry

When a leap of faith in a broker’s career pays off in spades

Feb 8 2019

Jurenda Landry’s (pictured) history working in the broker channel might only be three years long, but her experience in insurance-driven roles dates back to the beginning of her professional career, when she was conducting legal research to build and support clients’ accident benefit claims at a law practice in Toronto. While her work back then might have been a couple of steps removed from the insurance industry, Landry soon realized that insurance is where she was meant to be.

“It was during this period that I realized my passion for insurance. I found it fascinating to see how wordings were analyzed and interpreted. As such, the next logical career path was to join the Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO),” she said. “While working there as a membership service coordinator, I helped to facilitate and build relationships with brokers, insurance companies and various vendors. This gave me a unique look into how the broker channel operates and furnished me with the opportunity to see the internal work that goes into building and implementing insurance applications.”

Looking back on the move to CSIO, Landry calls it a calculated risk because she was on a one-year contract, though the opportunity allowed her to explore her career options. When it came time to make her next move, she found herself at McLean Hallmark Insurance Group, where she became deeply involved in the hospitality book of business and took the lead on managing the brokerage’s craft brewery program.

“I created a logo, built out an Instagram account, and helped with the rebranding of the program from ‘Protect your Brew’ to ‘Protect Your Craft.’ I worked diligently at building out this unique niche at McLean Hallmark,” she explained, adding that while she enjoyed working there, she was also looking for something to challenge her. “That was when I made the toughest and best career decision so far: joining KASE Insurance. KASE has allowed me to be innovative, tech-driven, and [they] have put me at the helm of building their customer service experience as the director of client services.”

The leap of faith paid off – Landry’s time at KASE has been her proudest accomplishment to date as a broker. She took charge of remodelling the company’s client experience, which has been beneficial to KASE and its clientele in the past year.

“We have since seen our retention rates spike from 91.5% to 98%, and have over 30% of our clients referring business to us on a regular basis. This just speaks volumes to me when it comes to the happiness of our clients and makes me realize that the risks I have taken are paying off in exactly the right way,” Landry said.

Customer service and tech development are at the forefront of KASE’s business model. In the past year, the company has updated its internal broker management system to a leading technology, while also putting the power back into its clients’ hands, according to Landry.

“We did that by offering our clients the opportunity to have a unique internal set-up so that they can issue certificates in-house with the correct failsafes put in place to ensure accuracy and ease of distribution,” she told Insurance Business. “In addition, I have taken the lead in implementing a revised customer service workflow, which creates touchpoints throughout the year with each client. These touchpoints serve as mini-data collecting moments, which allows us to understand our client better and to be pro-active and have a unique insight into their needs. KASE Insurance is only three years old and we may be small, but we are mighty when it comes to our impact within the insurance industry.”

In the midst of ongoing developments in the industry, such as automation, listening to clients and understanding their needs continues to be imperative. Landry has a laser focus on the clients in her role and enjoys working in her field so much so that in another life, she still sees herself in a position with people at its centre.

“I love this industry, so it is hard to imagine myself doing something different,” she said. “Ultimately I would probably find myself still working within a client-facing field, maybe on the hospitality side of things. I enjoy working with people, creating solutions, and finding ways to be proactive versus reactive.”

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