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Construction is one of the largest industries in Canada and in provinces like Ontario, which contribute a significant portion of the country’s GDP and are constantly expanding, it plays an even more important role. The same is true for many trades that feed into the construction industry, including plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and more.

These professions all combine to create the backbone of the Canadian economy. They are the ones building the casinos and theme parks that help to bring in nearly $18 billion through international tourism; the ones building the train stations, bus stations, and airports that get millions of Canadians to and from work every day; and the ones building the apartment blocks and houses that put a roof over the heads of 37 million Canadians.

These are high-pressure jobs that are always in demand, and that can lead to costly mistakes, public liability issues, and more. That’s why insurance companies like KASE Insurance work so hard to protect the businesses in this industry, We provide trades and construction insurance that cover many of the issues faced by those in these trades, issues that are discussed in more detail below.

Trades / Construction Insurance Toronto

What Kind of Businesses Fall Under Trades / Construction?

The construction industry is said to total 7% of Canada’s GDP and to hire over 1.3 million of its population. This covers everyone from the architects that design the buildings, to the labourers that build them, and the inspectors that check them. The Canadian construction industry is actually the fifth largest in the world, showing you just how fast this country is growing and just how much it values high quality real estate.

If that’s not impressive enough for you, consider this: annual investment in this industry regularly exceeds $300 billion and its total worth, as well as the number of people it hires, is growing every year.

Of course, the “trades” portion of trades and construction insurance covers much more than just this one industry. One of the most lucrative trades is the role of Construction Manager, but there are also specialist roles in the oil and gas industry and the automotive and transport industry, as well as a number of them throughout the industrial sector.

All of these and more can apply for trades and construction insurance, which includes a number of specific policies, as well as many different cover types. If you work with the experts here at KASE Insurance you can find a plan that is perfectly suited to your job and your needs, regardless of what they are.

What are Common Types of Trades / Construction Insurance?

There are a number of different insurance types available to businesses in this sector. These include surety bonds, which provide cover for when contractual obligations are not met and significant losses are accrued. Companies can also insure themselves against injury or death in the workplace, and against damage to the property they are building or theft of their tools and equipment during the building process.

It is one of the most heavily insured industries in the country because there is so much that can go wrong, and so much that often does. It’s an industry that runs a lot of risk, an industry that generates a lot of money, and an industry for which pressure, stress, and mistakes are never too far away. All of this makes comprehensive insurance policies essential, and that’s why we offer a wealth of them here at KASE Insurance, with an emphasis on trades and construction insurance in Toronto and across the Ontario region.

KASE Insurance: Experts in Trades / Construction Insurance

At KASE Insurance we provide a number of different insurance types for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. We can cover the smallest tech company against cyber theft or the loss of cryptocurrencies, and we can also cover the largest legal firm against errors, omissions, and other liabilities. One of the areas we provide the most cover for is the construction industry, so if you want complete cover in this field, then trust KASE Insurance.

Our innovative solutions and customer-first approach ensures you will always get the attention you deserve and the cover you need. In an increasingly litigious world it is important to make sure your business is completely covered against all eventualities, whether they occur as a result of a mistake or negligence. At KASE Insurance we can provide that cover and the peace of mind that goes with it.

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