Scarborough Insurance

Scarborough is currently home to over 600,000 residents and welcoming more and more every year as it is a popular destination for new immigrants in Canada. Its close proximity to Canada’s largest city has made the Scarborough area a secondary business district outside of Downtown Toronto, contributing considerably to the country’s GDP.

The sectors that operate in Scarborough are similar to that of Toronto, although Scarborough’s manufacturing industry is higher. Notable companies such as Toyota Canada, Bell Media, Yellow Pages Group and Telus all have their global or national headquarters located in Scarborough, among many other companies. Each requires its own set of insurance policies, as every sector is different.

This is where KASE Insurance can help. We are a highly specialized insurance brokerage serving Toronto and surrounding regions, including Scarborough. We work with businesses of any size to provide them with the coverage they need. Find out how KASE Insurance can help your Scarborough business below.

Insurance Customized For You

One thing that sets KASE Insurance apart from other brokerages is the diverse range of insurance types that we offer as well as our ability to tailor these plans to suit your individual business’s needs. Just like no two businesses are alike, their insurance policies should not be either! 

There is a significant amount of industries and businesses in Scarborough that could benefit from our diverse selection. For example, the retail sector is a major economic player. The Scarborough Town Centre is the largest shopping centre in Toronto’s east end, with over 250 stores inside and attracting more than 22 million shoppers annually. This many people coming and going throughout the year increases businesses’ liability risk. In any retail case, a public liability insurance plan is a must. Get protection against a variety of risks, including customer injuries and other liabilities such as fire, flood, theft and damage.

We also provide transportation insurance for companies where transporting goods or the delivery of services is an integral part of their day-to-day operations. These customized insurance plans can cover a range of risks, including the theft of goods kept in storage, any damage to goods while in transit, the replacement of transportation vehicles as necessary, and much more.

At KASE Insurance, we work with companies from all sectors and sub-sectors, regardless of their size. Everyone deserves the insurance protection in Scarborough they need to keep operating profitably.

Professionals and Businesses

Professionals in Scarborough working from home or who are self-employed can also benefit from KASE Insurance’s plans. These positions are unique, which means that they will require insurance plans that are equally as unique. Our professional services insurance plans will depend on the individual needs of the profession.

Policies like errors and omissions insurance are specifically tailored towards people working in professional services such as doctors, engineers, plumbers, lawyers, nurses and many more. As these are all high-risk, customer-centric jobs, these individuals are potentially one mistake or oversight away from costing their clients a lot of money. Errors and omissions insurance policies would ensure the mistake is properly covered and it would not result in significant financial loss.

Additionally, we also offer a range of insurance plans for startups and small businesses. Our clients have the opportunity to pick and choose which policies they want. For example, some businesses will require landscaper insurance in Scarborough, while others will obviously not. With this insurance type, you and your business will be protected against a variety of potential liabilities and losses.

Why Go With KASE Insurance?

At KASE Insurance we offer an array of insurance types and policy options for professionals, business owners and self-employed individuals across the Scarborough region. Our focus on the customer ensures that all our plans not only provide you with the coverage you need but are also affordable. This innovative customizable approach to insurance plans in Scarborough has led us to become one of the leading insurance brokerages in the region.

No matter what size your business may be, for the best in Scarborough insurance, look no further than KASE Insurance. To speak with one of our expert brokers to find out which of our options are best for you, contact us today.