Roofing Contractor Insurance Ontario

A fall from a ladder, property damage, and the ensuing lawsuit from the homeowner. That’s all it takes to hurt the reputation of your roofing company. Without insurance coverage, these situations can lead to major financial losses.

We’re here to help shield your business from these risks with insurance policies that are tailored for roofing contractors. KASE Insurance provides reliable roofers insurance that doesn’t just match your unique risks—it also keeps you in compliance with the law.

With KASE Insurance, you’re protected from license revocations and the unfortunate financial consequences of a fall, an accident, medical expenses, damaging someone else’s property, and lawsuits. Roofers insurance will be your business’ protective cover. 

What is Commercial Roofing Insurance? 

As with any other job, roofing contractors also face unique challenges while at work. They’re at risk of falling from great heights, accidentally hurting someone else, damaging their client’s property, or bodily injury while hoisting heavy materials up on a roof.

This is where roofing liability insurance comes in.

It’s a type of insurance policy that covers a wide range of hazards commonly faced while running a roofing business. Roofing liability insurance will also protect your company’s assets, such as commercial property, company-owned cars, office equipment, and so on, in the event of a claim or lawsuit.

So, if your business offers roofing services such as installation, replacement, and maintenance of residential or commercial roofs, you’ll benefit greatly from having a complete and tailor-fit insurance package. 

Why is Roofing Insurance Important for Ontario Contractors? 

Aside from being in harm’s way every time they work, roofing contractors also have to face challenges such as lost income from work interruptions, lost, stolen, or damaged tools and equipment, and claims involving sub-par work. Not to mention, the roofing industry in Canada is quite fierce; its current market size is $13.2 billion, and it is only projected to grow from here.

Because the competition is tight, roofing contractors must find ways to stay ahead in this high-risk industry, secure their finances against claims, and win a client’s trust. One way to do this (and add value to your service) as a business owner is to obtain a certificate of roofers insurance from a trusted insurance company.

What Roofing Contractors Insurance Covers 

Roofers insurance can also protect your business from unexpected financial loss, claims related to personal injury, lawsuits arising from property damage, theft, and more. 

So, what liability insurance should a roofer have? Which bundles can be used on top of the existing policy? Read more about them below.

Commercial General Liability Insurance 

One of the vital aspects of any commercial roofing insurance plan is to have complete coverage for general liability claims. Roofing work is always done from a height. This increases the chances of injuries and third-party property damage. 

A commercial general liability policy covers the unexpected costs (legal fees, medical bills, property repair fees) arising from such instances. Injuries within business premises are also covered. 

Last but not least, completed work is insured in the event that injuries or property damage are inflicted due to inadequately installed roofing materials. 

Commercial Property Insurance 

If your business has an office or warehouse, commercial property insurance—within your commercial roofing insurance bundle—will protect against instances of theft, vandalism, or business interruption due to property damage.

Installation & Tool Floater Insurance 

Installation and tool floater insurance can be incorporated into your insurance plan so that uninstalled materials and fixtures are covered in case of damage, vandalism, or theft. 

Commercial Auto Insurance or Fleet Insurance 

If you own one or more commercial vehicles, commercial auto insurance or fleet insurance is a must. Both of these auto insurance coverages help you avoid losses from road accidents, vehicular vandalism, and theft.

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance 

This is a type of business insurance policy that protects organizations, workers, and other staff from claims related to negligence or sub-par/insufficient work. 

It’s one of the most common forms of liability insurance for large roofing companies, as it covers the business entity from costs or losses involving work mistakes. 

Who Needs Roofing Contractors Insurance in Ontario? 

Commercial roofing insurance from KASE insurance is tailor-fit for your business’s needs. So whether you operate a large roofing company or newly established one, our personalized commercial roofing insurance will address your unique risk profile and give you the best coverage. 

KASE Insurance can insure a variety of roofing specializations, including the following: 

  • Commercial roofing;
  • Residential roofing;
  • Roof shingle installation;
  • Tile roofing;
  • Flat roofing;
  • Metal roofing; and
  • Hot roofing.

Why Go With KASE Insurance 

Working in the roofing industry means facing several risks and challenges while on the job. Prevent unfortunate incidents from compromising your company’s brand or finances by securing an insurance policy that caters to your business’s needs.

Based in Toronto, KASE Insurance is an award-winning insurance brokerage firm that is trusted across various industries. Our team of dedicated insurance experts can assess your business’s unique risks and put together an insurance plan that is perfect for your needs. 

We’re here to make insurance hassle-free by providing assistance every step of the way—from setting up your insurance to following up on claims. 

Contact KASE Insurance today to learn more about roofers insurance!

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