Pickering Insurance

Pickering’s close proximity to Toronto makes it the ideal location for the home of multiple major companies and manufacturers, which all contribute significantly to Canada’s overall GDP. One of the fundamental aspects of running a business is having the right insurance plan in place to protect it against any potential liabilities and risks. This is where we come in. 

KASE Insurance is one of the leading insurance brokerages in Pickering and the surrounding area. We provide large and small businesses alike with the coverage they need so that they can operate without worry. These plans can give you protection against loss, theft, damage, bodily harm and much more.

Insurance Customized For You

What makes KASE Insurance stand apart from our competitors, is our wide selection of policies that can be used to customize an insurance plan that is right for you and your business, while simultaneously making sure it is affordable. When you are looking for the right insurance in Pickering, you don’t have to look further than KASE Insurance.

Included among these companies is Ontario Power Generation, which produces 15% of Ontario’s power. Their Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is the single largest employer within the city, employing about 3,000 workers. Providing your workers with employee benefits will ensure that turnover rates are lower.

Additionally, there is a significant manufacturing sector in Pickering. Having an insurance plan that is specifically tailored towards companies in the manufacturing industry will provide coverage for a wide range of liabilities unique to this sector. Our manufacturing-specific insurance plans will give you the protection you need, including loss, damage, business interruptions and so much more.

We also offer extensive coverage of the retail sector. The Pickering Town Centre attracts over 10 million annual visitors. Our liability insurance policies can provide retailers with protection against any claims of bodily harm in addition to instances of theft, stock damage, natural disasters, and more. 

Pickering will also eventually be home to Durham Live, a multi-billion dollar casino complex, which will include a water park, film studio, theatre and five-star hotel. This Pickering entertainment district will require a wide range of coverage, including hospitality and lodging insurance. These insurance policies can protect you against property damage, content loss and business interruption among others.

Professionals and Businesses

Kase Insurance also provides coverage for the professional services sector in Pickering. This particular sector includes professionals such as doctors, real estate agents, lawyers, carpenters, and many other highly skilled individuals. Our premium professional services insurance plans will get you the coverage that you need.

As these positions often involve high risk, customer-centric work, policies such as errors and omissions insurance is a requirement. If an error in judgment or mistake is made that could potentially cost your clients a significant amount of money, E&O insurance will protect you from having to face financial responsibility. Oftentimes, for certain professions, it is even required by law. KASE Insurance offers premium coverage at an affordable cost.

Additionally, if you are self-employed or work out of an office in your home, you will likely need liability insurance. If a client has an accident or suffers a physical injury in your home, you will be protected if they decide to pursue legal or financial retribution.

Why Go With KASE Insurance?

At KASE Insurance, we do not believe in making our clients pay for coverage that they do not need. That is why you can pick and choose from our wide selection of insurance policies to build the perfect plan for you. However, one of our expert team members will gladly help you and walk you through your options.

Whether you are a major corporation, small business, or are self-employed, KASE Insurance can help get you the coverage that you need. Don’t let unexpected events bring your business to a halt. Get the coverage you need to keep operating profitably. To find out what insurance plan is right for you, contact us today.