The Globe and Mail’s “Report on Business” ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022

KASE Insurance Named One of Canada’s Top Growing Companies in 2022

Oct 4 2022

The Globe and Mail recently released its fourth annual ranking of “Canada’s Top Growing Companies.” KASE Insurance is named one of the top fast-growing companies among the 430 businesses on the list. Out of those numbers, only 13 businesses related to insurance made the cut.

The annual awarding ceremony, which was established in 2019, aims to celebrate the entrepreneurial accomplishments of companies across the country. This list, which includes both private and public Canadian businesses, measures companies based on their three-year revenue growth.

Although several other insurance companies also made the cut, KASE Insurance stands out because of its customer-centric services. We offer our clients complete customization of their insurance coverage to give them exactly what they need—without unnecessary riders or additional costs. We value our client’s trust and opinions, which is why we provide full transparency of what’s included in their policy.

 KASE Insurance ranks in the 212 position in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business

The Secret To Customer Satisfaction

KASE Insurance sat down in a previous interview with Insurance Business Canada to talk about the importance of keeping clients satisfied and how to strengthen that relationship. Arian Ebrahimi, president of KASE Insurance, believes that brokers need to deliver on their promises—and even go beyond them.

Ebrahimi said that most brokers will dole out generic advice on keeping in touch with clients every year or ensuring that clients feel cared for, which he believes are the bare minimum requirements for customer satisfaction.

“Everyone does, or should be, doing those things. But what really makes that broker-client experience is being actively engaged in their business plan,” he said.

Ebrahimi also pointed out that whenever brokers are meeting with their clients, they should be actively trying to understand the challenges of their client’s business—to look after their company as if it was their own. It is only with this kind of connection that the broker-client experience starts to deepen. 

Once that bond is strengthened, then the real work begins. Brokers can start figuring out which products will benefit the client, which markets can support the changes the client’s business is facing, and how often they should be checking in.

 The KASE Insurance team and their awards

Award-Winning Services For Clients

Aside from nabbing a spot as one of Canada’s leading commercial insurance brokers, KASE Insurance was also a recipient of the 2021 Insurance Business Canada Awards. Under the “Organizational Award” category, KASE Insurance was awarded “The DSB Claims Award for Brokerage of the Year (10 Staff or More).” 

KASE’s dedication to the industry is what allows us to change the insurance landscape and make it even more exciting. Ebrahimi says that the team’s amazing culture is a result of the focus put on team-building and continuous employee engagement.

“KASE’s core purpose is providing proactive insurance solutions while supporting the health, happiness, and success of our team,” Ebrahimi said.

Ever since the company’s start in 2016, KASE Insurance has maintained a 98% retention ratio. Not only that, but the company has also grown 120% in sales alone amid the global pandemic.

KASE has been recognized in the following categories as well: Brokerage of the Year (2020 and 2021), Excellence in Claims Service (2021), Rising Star Award (Cody Macpherson, 2021), Woman of Distinction (Jurenda Landry, 2020 and 2021), and Life & Health Advisor of the Year (Diana Feliz, 2021).

The KASE Insurance logo

What We Can Do for You

KASE Insurance is one of the leading commercial insurance brokerages based in Toronto, Canada. Clients ranging from traders or smaller professional firms to manufacturers and contractors with revenues in the millions trust us to cover their insurance needs.

We provide excellent service and comprehensive technical advice to our clients, both for their benefit and to prove our reputation as one of the best insurance brokers in the country. Our services include but are not limited to commercial general liability, surety and bonding, group benefits, and corporate financial services.

Founded in 2016, our company started with the belief that “specialization trumps generalization.” KASE Insurance also relies on a holistic approach to fully realize its vision—which is to become the number one insurance brokerage in Canada. Now, it seems these beliefs are paying off.

If you have questions about insurance policies or want a price quote, send us a message. We’ve always got you covered.

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