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Insurance Support for Canadian Construction Association (CCA)

Apr 4 2023

The construction industry is one of the biggest industries in Canada and arguably the backbone of its economy. It employs 1.4 million Canadians and makes up over 7.5% of the country’s GDP.

As such, construction workers in Canada—both experienced and rookie workers alike—have much to look forward to in terms of career growth.

This is where the Canadian Construction Association comes in.

What is the Function of the Canadian Construction Association?

If you’re still building your network of clients or professional contacts, connecting with an organization that has your best interests at heart is an important step in bringing you closer to accomplishing your aspirations in work and life.

As the only national association representing contractors and manufacturers, service providers, and suppliers in the country, the Canadian Construction Association works to inspire an advanced, innovative, and sustainable construction industry.

What are the Benefits of the Canadian Construction Association?

As a member of the CCA, you’ll find yourself among industry leaders and benefit from the connections, knowledge, and opportunities the association provides. You’ll also get access to industry news, advocacy updates, member-only documents such as guides and resources, and special member-only rates for professional development and CCA classes.

Best of all, the association also offers workers a Gold Seal Certification Program that certifies construction management professionals, denoting them as having attained the highest standard of excellence in the industry after having proven themselves as experts in their field.

But even with the weight of a powerful association backing you up, protecting yourself against the dangers of working in the field will help you tackle your job safely while securing your financial stability early on in your career.

The competition is tough in an ever-changing landscape, so purchasing insurance support as a contractor is vital for members to succeed in the construction industry.

Customizable Insurance Support for CCA Members

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Working in a physically-demanding industry means exposing yourself to on-the-job risks. This is why having a good understanding of risk-management strategies will help you mitigate the dangers that come with your trade and help you stay ahead of the competition.

For contractors, you could experience anything from slip-and-fall incidents to third-party property damage to back injuries and vehicular accidents. Any of these incidents could result in a lengthy court battle with steep, financially-taxing legal fees.

Luckily, KASE Insurance is here to help you out. We’re partnered with the Canadian Construction Association and are committed to ensuring you get the best insurance coverage that caters to your unique needs. We offer customizable insurance packages to suit your needs and ensure you’re protected without paying up for unnecessary riders.

Whether you’re an independent contractor, working with a team, or are among one of the many Canadian construction companies in the industry, KASE Insurance’s wide selection of insurance solutions will help keep you and your contracts secure.

Some of these options include:

Contractor’s Insurance

This type of policy is specially designed to protect contractors, subcontractors, and their employers against third-party liabilities by covering:

  • Bodily Injury;
  • Completed work;
  • Damage to third-party property; and
  • Reputational or advertising harm.

Additionally, contractor’s insurance could include additional policies that may be required by your employer or should be implemented in your business’s risk management strategy. Other times, it could be based on the recommendations of your insurance provider.

Either way, personalized insurance for CCA members could include plans such as worker’s compensation insurance or Commercial Property Insurance.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

This is one of the most basic (but essential) business insurances that CCA members can purchase. Commercial general liability insurance—CGL—protects you and your company from a wide range of liabilities that could result in legal action.

It may include:

  • Employee injuries;
  • Accidental injuries;
  • Property damage; and
  • Reputational or advertising liability.

However, every business is different, so it’s important to consult with a KASE Insurance broker to create a specialized plan suited to your unique needs.

Public Liability Insurance

Construction sites are dangerous places to work where accidents can happen at any time even when people are being careful. While issues will inevitably arise, public liability insurance can help cover costs associated with accidents or injuries suffered on your premises.

This insurance coverage can also help prevent financial damages from a potential lawsuit. However, it does not cover deliberate or negligent harm caused to your clients.

While no one wants injuries to experience accidents while on the job, it’s important to be aware of the liability you pose to others as a business.

If you want to feel assured you and your company are covered in unfortunate incidents, partner with an insurance broker who understands the perils of your industry.

Why Should CCA Members Choose KASE Insurance?

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Working in an ever-changing industry can make you more vulnerable to risks and hazards. KASE Insurance, an award-winning commercial insurance brokerage, offers tailored insurance policies to members of the Canadian Construction Association.

CCA members partnering with us are teaming up with one of the country’s top insurance providers. With years of industry experience, we’re well-versed in the dangers that come with a contractor’s job. As such, we work hard to provide customized insurance policies and bundles with the utmost transparency—get the policy you need with no unnecessary riders.

KASE Insurance treats CCA clients as business partners. Our team of dedicated experts will assist in setting up your insurance and thoroughly explain every part of your policy.

Get in touch with us anytime for a quote or more information!

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