Landscaper Insurance Toronto

There are over 10,000 landscaping companies in Canada and more than 70% of these are small businesses, with a large number owned and run by just a handful of workers. That’s a lot of responsibility in an industry that has a gradually increasing workload, which is why many turn to landscaper insurance in Toronto as a way of safeguarding their business and assets.

What is Landscaper Insurance?

Toronto landscaper insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers liability and loss related to the landscaping industry. It covers many aspects of this business and helps to provide cover for an array of costly eventualities.

This cover can be provided by other business-related insurance policies, but what makes landscaper insurance in Toronto unique is that it’s tailored towards the specific needs of businesses in this sector. It takes into account the reliance on tools and equipment and the damage that loss of these tools can cause; it includes possible lawsuits that could arise from dissatisfaction and negligence relating to a job, as well as bodily harm to an employee.

All of these things will be factored into a landscaper insurance policy, with the extent and variety of coverage depending on how comprehensive the policy is.


Why is Landscaper Insurance so Important?

As with any insurance, landscaper insurance in Toronto is required to prevent catastrophic financial loss following a major incident. It is a way of guaranteeing the continued operation of a business and the continued stability of its finances in the event of an unexpected development, such as the theft of expensive tools, or a lawsuit that holds the business accountable.

What Does Landscaper Insurance Cover?

Landscaper insurance in Toronto can cover businesses in this niche for an array of unexpected outcomes, including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial Liability: Any business that works with the public runs the risk of being sued for damages and bodily harm. Mistakes happen, issues arise, and these can result in very costly legal proceedings. A compressive insurance policy will provide coverage for such an eventuality and will typically cover the policyholder to a maximum figure that is often in the millions of dollars.
  • Professional Liability: A business or employee in this sector may also be held liable for mistakes relating to their work or their conduct. Many insurance policies will provide coverage against such outcomes.
  • Equipment: A landscaping business requires a variety of expensive tools and equipment, from lawnmowers and computers, to hedge-trimmers, shovels and more. If these are damaged beyond repair or stolen, it can bring a shuddering halt to business operations and create a financial black hole when they try to replace them. Landscaper insurance will provide coverage against loss and damage and will ensure they are properly replaced as quickly as possible.

The extent of coverage will depend entirely on the individual policy and will take many things into consideration, including the size and the reach of the business, as well as its customers and its employees.

Who Needs Landscaper Insurance?

Landscaper insurance in Toronto can be utilized by anyone in the landscaping industry. In Ontario, that accounts for around 4 out of 10 landscaping businesses nationwide. Of those, 50% have fewer than 4 employees.

These businesses are often owned and managed by people who have placed their life savings into their business and rely on the success of that business to feed their family. If there is a major theft or fire, or there is an illness preventing them from working, the impact could be massive, bringing the business to its knees and damaging their finances as well as the finances of their employees.

Medium and big businesses can also benefit greatly from landscaper insurance, as the monetary losses could be massive without it. Simply put, everyone who operates a landscaping business can benefit from landscaper insurance and everyone with such a business in Ontario can benefit from the landscaper insurance in Toronto provided by KASE.

Why go with KASE Insurance?

Of the 10,000 or so landscaping businesses across the country, more than 4,100 are in the province of Ontario and a great number of these are in Toronto. The demand for landscaper insurance in Toronto has therefore never been higher, with commercial insurance brokers like KASE Insurance setup to cater for them and their needs.

At KASE Insurance, we work with a wide range of companies across a huge number of sectors. We are experts in providing top-of-the-line insurance policies to businesses of all sizes, with an emphasis on small businesses and growing businesses like those in the landscaping sector.

If you want the very best and the most complete landscaper insurance in Toronto, get in touch with a KASE representative today.