Key Person Insurance Toronto

Key Person insurance in Toronto can help protect your business during a worst case scenario should a key member of staff no longer be able to work.

Almost every company operates with a few individuals that would be considered irreplaceable. This could be the CEO, Founder, essential inventors or creators, or anyone else whose absence might cause the business to fall apart. Avoiding having a single point in the business that could cause it to collapse is obviously preferred, but in practice it can be impossible to spread the responsibilities. Should one of these key people no longer be able to work, either due to death, permanent disability, or other extenuating circumstances, your business could suffer greatly.

Key Person Insurance can help protect your business from collapse in these unfortunate events.

What is Key Person Insurance?

Key Person insurance in Toronto is essentially life insurance for a particular indispensable member of staff.

Many individuals have comprehensive life insurance policies that cover their families and loved ones in the event of their passing. These policies will often involve a large enough payout to cover any amount outstanding on mortgages, loans, cost of living expenses, and funeral expenses. People care about ensuring their families are protected if they are not around, which is why Canadians own over $4.7 trillion in life insurance.

Key Person insurance functions much the same way, except it protects your business in the event of an untimely passing or disability. Key members of staff will have insurance policies taken out for them, that will cover any business losses or expenses that are incurred due to their absence. CEOs, Managing Directors, high level executives, and founders are often included in Key Person insurance in Toronto, as without any of them, the business may lose money through a variety of means.

Key Person insurance in Toronto

Why is Key Person Insurance so Important?

Key Person insurance in Toronto is so important because it provides businesses with a safety net against the unforeseeable loss of key members of staff. In older legacy businesses, or certain high security industries, a single person could hold the passwords necessary to access bank accounts or important legal documents. Without that person, your business could lose access to funds, stock prices could drop as investor confidence falters, and clients could cancel contracts. All of these can be protected against with the right Key Person Insurance in Toronto.

What Does Key Person Insurance Cover?

Key Person insurance in Toronto can give businesses the time they need to recover following the death or disability of a key employee. Things that can be included in a policy are:

Losses From Disability: This will protect the company from any losses incurred should a key employee be unable to work but has not died.
Shareholder & Partnership Interest Insurance: This allows current shareholders and partners to purchase shareholder or partnership interests, helping to protect their investments.
Landlord Liability: Your umbrella insurance can cover your rental property in certain scenarios. These would include someone hurting themselves on your rental property, or your tenant’s dog hurting someone.
Loan Guarantee Insurance: This covers for any key person involved in guaranteeing business loans and would typically be equivalent to the value of the guarantee.

Which elements of Key Person Insurance in Toronto matter to your company will depend on the size of your company, your corporate structure, and importance of your key personnel.

Who Needs Key Person Insurance?

Key Person Insurance can be a huge benefit to businesses in every industry, both large and small.

Small businesses tend to have one or two people on which the entire business relies, typically the owner, main investor, or other crucial employee. Without these people, the business would be at serious risk of collapse or bankruptcy. By taking out Key Person insurance in Toronto, small businesses can buy themselves more time to figure out their next plan of action following the loss of a key employee, whether that is to pay creditors, employees, shareholders, or simply keep the business running.

Larger corporations can benefit from Key Person insurance as it helps lessen the potential blow from losing higher up executives or the CEO. Without these people, some business deals might fall through or certain day to day operations might cease to function. The right Key Person insurance policy will provide the necessary funds to cover the loss in sales and give the business time to find a solution to keep moving forward.

Losing a key person is already a difficult situation to be in. Key Person insurance ensures you do not have to worry about the financial impacts of the situation and can focus on helping the business and remaining employees to recover.

Why go with KASE Insurance?

Toronto is the business capital of Canada, contributing 20% of the nation’s GDP, and is the fourth largest city in North America. With both the banking sectors and stock exchanges making Toronto their home, there are countless businesses who could benefit from comprehensive Key Person insurance. KASE Insurance is the leading commercial insurance broker specializing in crafting unique, highly tailored insurance policies for clients in every industry.

Our team of expert insurance brokers are passionate about finding our clients the best possible policies that meets their needs. We focus on bespoke solutions that cover exactly what you need, without making you pay for things you don’t. As a leading commercial insurance broker in Toronto, we have worked with all sizes of businesses in many different industries, so we are ready to help you no matter what you need.

If your business could use an airtight Key Person insurance policy in Toronto, contact KASE Insurance today and safeguard against the unknown.

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