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The tech industry is ripe with opportunities for entering the field of IT consulting in fields like business operations, engineering, web design and many more. Either independently or as part of a larger team, IT consulting is rapidly becoming one of the more popular routes for those with technical expertise to take. With this increase in popularity and the wide range of clients that you will potentially be working with, however, IT professionals must be aware of some of the risks that members of this profession are exposed to.

Since IT consulting covers a wide range of potential tasks and responsibilities, there may be many uncertainties and liabilities that arise in the course of working with a client. When developing software for a customer, for example, you may be legally responsible for any losses or damages that your client incurs as a result of using your product. Even if your actions were not negligent and you could not have foreseen this result, the financial penalties that you may be forced to pay can quickly put you out of business.

Thankfully, IT consultant insurance is available to cover these contingencies for your Toronto consultancy. Working with the professional brokers at KASE Insurance will assist you in finding comprehensive insurance coverage to mitigate your exposure to any risks that you might face in the course of working as an IT consultant.

What Is IT Consultant Liability Insurance?

IT consultant liability insurance exists to protect IT contractors and employees in Toronto from the risks and financial damages that may be incurred from accusations of negligence. 

IT consultant liability insurance is distinct from cyber liability insurance and commercial general liability insurance. It provides a more precise and tailored profile of protection to ensure that those who work in the expanding field of tech consulting have appropriate protection.

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Why Is IT Consultant Liability Insurance So Important?

IT consultant liability insurance is important for any technical professionals offering consultancy advice in Toronto. This profession is exposed to a highly unique set of significant risks that can leave IT consultants faced with expensive legal fees and settlement costs.

In the course of developing software, for example, you may inadvertently infringe on the intellectual property of another developer or even the client that you are working with. Even if you were unaware of this point and you worked with the best intentions, you may still need to go through legal processes that will accrue costs to your business and take valuable time away from your work.

IT consultants are also usually required to work with confidential information when completing projects for their clients. If you accidentally reveal such information, then you are at significant risk of a lawsuit being brought against you. 

If your client experiences financial losses or damages associated with the use or failure of software or IT consulting advice that you have provided, then you are also likely to find yourself faced with the threat of legal action (and the expenses that this entails). Beyond the costs of a settlement, the costs of legal fees and the losses you will incur from missing work and needing to commit your time to such processes will set your business back significantly.

If you have IT consultant liability insurance in Toronto, then you can also expect that clients will be much more confident in dealing with your business. Being properly insured in your field is a sign of professionalism and you may find that the number of contracts you receive from more established companies will increase. When considering this, and the peace of mind you will have from knowing you are protected against liability, it is well worth it to take out IT consultant liability insurance.

What Does IT Consultant Liability Insurance Cover?

IT consultant liability insurance covers a wide range of expenses incurred by Toronto consultancies in scenarios just like those outlined above. Depending on the policy that you take out, it can also include protection against other risks that you might face.

For example, IT consultant liability insurance can also cover any injuries that your customers may sustain while they are visiting your office (if you have a brick-and-mortar office location). If you are working on hardware issues for your client in their Toronto location, then IT consultant liability insurance can also cover the costs of damage that you might accidentally cause in the course of completing these projects.

Who Needs IT Consultant Liability Insurance?

Any IT consultant in Toronto (and elsewhere) needs to seriously consider taking out this form of insurance. Since there are numerous stories of IT consultancies being penalized and threatened with lawsuits every day, it is more than likely that your business will encounter these situations at some point. 

Rather than face the risk of having incomplete insurance coverage, it is important to consider IT consultant liability insurance as a distinct option (above and beyond other forms of liability insurance). Having insurance coverage that is tailored to meet the unique risks and liabilities of the IT consultant will provide you with the confidence you need to work without any anxiety about potential lawsuits.

Why Choose KASE Insurance?

If you want to be confident that your IT consultancy is covered in the case of any potential liability lawsuit, then you need to find insurance brokers who understand the specifics of the IT consulting industry. We understand that the needs of every IT consultancy will be different. Not all brokers have worked with such a diverse array of consultants as the experienced and expert team at KASE Insurance has. 

With KASE Insurance, you can be sure that providing a customized insurance solution for our clients is our top priority. Throughout the years, we have worked with many IT consultancies with many different specializations. We always find a solution that works with your budget yet remains comprehensive enough to meet the needs of each client.

Feel free to get in touch with our team today to learn more about IT consultant liability insurance in Toronto and why your consultancy needs it to stay protected. We can be reached via our online form, or on the phone at 647-494-5273.

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