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Hydrovac excavation is widely used in plumbing, installation, construction, and landscaping. Whether you’re renting a Hydrovac truck or own your own, it’s important to insure this specialized equipment since damage to it can mean loss of income. It’s also important to get protection from liabilities that could arise from Hydrovac operations. For both of these, what you need is Hydrovac contractor insurance in Toronto. 

At KASE Insurance, we can give you the peace of mind you need in order to carry on with Hydrovac operations with our wide variety of construction insurance policies.

What Is Hydrovac Contractor Insurance?

Hydrovac contractor insurance is a special type of insurance for Hydrovac contractors and companies. It offers protection against a variety of liabilities and risks that can arise over the course of their operations. This insurance type also covers the equipment itself, whether it is owned or rented. 

Hydrovac companies and contractors should make the smart business decision by ensuring they are covered by Hydrovac contractor insurance in Toronto. This way, projects can go smoothly as all Hydrovac truck operations are minimized or fully covered.

Hydrovac truck being used in excavation

Why Is Hydrovac Contractor Insurance Important?

Hydrovac trucks are specialized construction equipment used for the purpose of precise, non-destructive simultaneous excavation and evacuation of soil. This machinery is vital to many operations within the construction industry, including plant excavation, utility pole installation, and many more. If a hydrovac truck were to ever break down, it could mean expensive repairs and costly project delays.

Whether a company or contractor rents or owns a Hydrovac truck, this equipment is an investment for ROI. As such, the contractor directly operating the Hydrovac truck needs to make sure that the equipment is safe and operating efficiently. On top of this, the contractor (and/or the company) can also be held responsible for a variety of other claims regarding the environment or bodily injury.

Since so much can happen to the equipment itself or to the project site during a job, it is necessary to have Hydrovac contractor insurance in place. This type of insurance is specialized for Hydrovac contractors and can be customised to the specific needs of your business.

What Does Hydrovac Contractor Insurance Cover?

We’ve discussed in the above section that KASE’s Hydrovac contractor insurance in Toronto can be tailor-fit to the specific needs of the company or individual contractor. However, there are a few popular coverages that are usually included in this insurance policy type:

1. First-Party Environmental Liability

Hydrovacs are vehicles that typically operate in outdoor settings. Due to this, there’s always a chance that a chemical you use for your Hydrovac business can contaminate the surrounding soil or a nearby body of water. If this happens, it will result in environmental claims against you or your company which could be compounded by cleanup expenses. Having Hydrovac contractor insurance coverage protects you in a situation like this. 

2. Third-Party Environmental Liability

If an incident of environmental pollution results in adverse effects on people living near the project site, you may be held responsible. This can mean significant legal claims against you and your business. Hydrovac contractor insurance’s third-party environmental liability rider provides you with the coverage that you need in a situation like this.

3. Business Interruption Coverage

Certain incidents or events may hinder you from proceeding with your Hydrovac operations. With KASE Insurance’s business interruption coverage, you are protected against the loss of income that could happen as a result of halted work. Which instances that are covered by this policy will vary.

4. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Hydrovac contractor insurance is an absolute necessity for companies or contractors who own Hydrovac trucks. Commercial property insurance policies usually do not cover equipment breakdowns. By adding specific insurance riders that protect your Hydrovac truck, you’ll be given the adequate protection you need for any repairs that are required so you can move forward with your operations.

5. Borrowed or Rented Equipment Coverage

Sometimes renting, borrowing, or leasing a Hydrovac truck is the most financially sound choice. This, however, places a big responsibility on the contractor directly operating the machine. In case of minor damage or extensive destruction to the equipment, expenses can be steep. Our borrowed or rented equipment coverage gives you the protection needed in the event that a Hydrovac truck is damaged or destroyed under your watch. 

Who Needs Hydrovac Contractor Insurance?

The short answer to this is: anyone operating a Hydrovac truck who wants to protect themselves against a wide range of possible liabilities and expenses. With the right Hydrovac contractor insurance set up and customized to your needs, you can say goodbye to worries about income loss, equipment breakdown, related environmental liabilities, and more.

Why Choose KASE Insurance?

When working with a specialized piece of equipment like a Hydrovac truck, your success depends on expecting the unexpected and being prepared. The most successful businesses are never blind-sided by sudden expenses like repair costs to their equipment or other claims.

As one of the top insurance providers in Canada, KASE Insurance is your partner in putting together the best possible insurance plan for you, your employees, and your Hydrovac truck so that you’re prepared for anything. We have vast experience serving clients from various industries, including those working in construction. You can be sure you’re in good hands.  

Contact us today and let’s get started!

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