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How to Get Snow Removal Insurance

Oct 22 2021

Plowing snow or snow removal is one of the most profitable seasonal businesses around. In fact, some snow removal employees are able to earn more within one season than what can be earned with a full-time job, so it’s no surprise that there are many companies that offer this service.

As we discussed in our article, “Why Is Snow Removal a High-Risk Industry,” we explain how this type of work comes with its own set of hazards that can bring a business to a grinding halt. This is where snow removal insurance comes in. If you want to learn more about this insurance type or if you’re curious about how to get snow removal insurance, then you’re in the right place. We’ll discuss everything you need to know in this blog.

Let’s get started.

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What Is Snow Removal Insurance?

Snow removal insurance is a specialized type of insurance for snow removal businesses of all sizes. This type of insurance can also be incorporated into the insurance plan of landscaping businesses that offer snow removal as a seasonal service.

Snow Removal Insurance Coverage 

Here at KASE Insurance, we personalize our insurance policies so that they align with the needs of our clients and offer the most value. Snow removal insurance can encompass risks such as the following:

  • Inadvertent third-party damage (typically due to limited visibility)
  • Accidental bodily injury to third-party individuals (e.g. customers and passersby)
  • Damage/loss/vandalism of snow-removal equipment

Additional covered risks, that can be bundled with the above, include the following: 

  • Damage to commercial property and subsequent business interruption 
  • Work-related employee injuries, illness, or death

How Long Does it Take to Get Snow Removal Insurance? 

With a dedicated team of insurance experts you can typically get snow removal insurance in just a few days. 

How to Get Snow Removal Insurance 

1. Choose a Trusted Insurance Broker 

The key to getting the best snow removal insurance easily and quickly is to know the best insurance expert to work with. By finding a trusted insurance brokerage, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort. 

A trusted insurance broker will have extensive knowledge about various insurance products and will be able to give you the most fitting choices. However, it is also advisable to seek someone who specializes in your industry. Insurance brokers who specialize in snow removal insurance will be able to have a good grasp of the risks that your business faces, putting them in the best position to match your needs with the best insurance plan. 

Last but definitely not least, make sure to choose an insurance broker who can provide ongoing support for all your insurance needs. This is one of the benefits that we give to our clients here at KASE Insurance. Business insurance can get intense, especially when claims need quick processing or when other issues arise. It is invaluable to have an insurance broker who will always protect your interests. 

2. Get a Quick Quote From Your Chosen Insurance Broker 

The next key step on how to get snow removal insurance is to get a quick quote from your chosen insurance brokerage firm. This process differs for each firm. Some may ask for your contact information and then get in touch afterward while others may require you to fill out a form online.  

If you’re wondering how accurate quick insurance quotes are, it depends on two things: how detailed the information is that you provide and the accuracy of the insurance provider that you’re working with. Most reputable insurance experts, however, will do their best to keep the quote as close as possible to the actual policy price. 

3. Get Assessed 

The next step is to get a risk assessment. This is the phase where your chosen insurance expert will gather more information about your snow removal business. A few examples of the information they need include your business’s exact address, website address, loss history, years of operation, the previous insurer (if any), annual revenue, and so on.

The information listed above is sensitive, which is why you need to make sure you are working with a trusted insurance broker. 

4. Get the Finalized Price and Decide on The Payment Plan 

The next step is to get the final price of your snow removal insurance. Along with this, you may also need to decide on your payment plan. Typically snow removal insurance is paid yearly or monthly. Some business owners prefer paying the lump sum yearly to manage finances easier. You can also ask your insurance broker if there are any discounts for an annual payment because this is sometimes offered.

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5. Read Your Insurance Documents and Ask What Comes to Mind 

Before signing the contract with your insurance broker, make sure to read your insurance documents and ask whatever comes to mind. There are no “stupid” questions. In fact, a trustworthy insurance broker should go out of their way to clarify everything to you. 

6. Make Any Needed Alterations 

If any detail does not sit right with you regarding the snow removal insurance plan prepared for you, tell your insurance broker immediately, ideally before finalizing anything. 

Is there an exclusion that you’re worried about? Do you feel uncomfortable with the deductibles? Do you think you need a higher coverage limit? Most of the time, such things can be adjusted so make sure to speak up about your doubts. 

7. Know About Your Ongoing Responsibilities 

The two ongoing responsibilities you have as a snow removal insurance policyholder are to pay premiums on time and make timely updates to your insurance. Ask your insurance broker about the payment modes available and how the process is for updating your insurance. Typically, major changes to your business mean you would also need to update your insurance. 

You would also need to clarify how to file insurance claims properly. Typically, proper investigation and documentation are necessary for filing valid claims. This is why it is vital to know exactly what to do or you may have your claim denied. 

Protect Your Business with Personalized Snow Removal Insurance 

This wraps up our guide on how to get snow removal insurance. As a final caveat, make sure to get a snow removal insurance plan that is personalized for your needs – at KASE Insurance, this is one of our specialties. 

KASE Insurance is an award-winning and trusted brokerage firm based in Toronto, Ontario. We understand the intricacies of the snow removal industry which is how we’re able to provide dedicated service and tailor-fit insurance plans. We also make insurance hassle-free by providing assistance with every step, from negotiating premiums to following up on your insurance claims. 

Take the next step towards protecting your snow removal business from various hazards and unforeseen events. If you have any questions, contact us today or get started with a quick quote. 

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