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For Millennials, By Millennials

Feb 8 2019

Kase Insurance managing partners Arian Ebrahimi and Stanislav Kojokin share what the industry needs to understand about millenials in insurance.

IBC: What compelled you to branch out and establish your own brokerage two years ago?

Arian Ebrahimi: The motivation to start Kase Insurance was to bring a  unique and refreshed outlook to the Industry and take control of how we service our clients.

That being said, we weren’t immune to face various obstacles and critism as two young brokers trying to pave our own way. We were able to build a substantial commercial book of business, eventhough we were warned about the difficulties in getting insurance contacts and all the bureaucratic barriers.

Stanisiav Kojokin: Working in a brokerage comes with its fair share of challenges;however,we wanted to push our own personal comfort zones,and how better to do that than to start our own brokerage? We were looking to establish Kase Insurance as a true specialist in the insurance industry while maintaining the flexibility to provide unique solutions.

IBC: Why did you choose to focus on just a few sectors?

AE : The industry is so saturated, and there are so many ways to purchase business Insurance. At case, we wanted to work with businesses and business owners who needed a more specialized solution while also proactively provide suggestions and solution to resolve any risk management concerns.

SK : There is an intrinsic value to being an insurance broker who focusses on particular insurance products. We not only build lasting relationships with our clients,But we also get a working knowledge of their industry. This allows us to provide the necessary expertise for businesses that have many moving parts that may be overlooked if insured by a generalist broker.

IBC : What is the insurance industry doing wrong when it comes to attracting the next generation?

AE: A huge reason for our success today is that we got to train under a fantastic mentor at Lyon & Butler insurance brokers

We find that the industry is taking a lot shortcuts when it comes to bringing new talent on board-they are taking a more ‘sink or swim ‘ approach. Young people to need to feel empowered in their roles right from the start.Surroundings ourself with our peers, we have found that millennials are looking for jobs that make a difference .When millennials enjoy the positions they work in and are passionate about the work they do,they create a company all can be proud of.

IBC: What should the industy be doing differently to better attract young talent?

SK: Millennials value unique office settings and a positive offfice culture.They want to be experts in the field they work in rather than being a paper-pusher for a business.

If a company wants to get the right candidates today,they have to embrace this moment and grasp the fact that it is not just about the job-Its about the culture and a lot more than just the basics.

IBC: How does having a team made up entirely of millennials impact how you service clients?

AE: The dynamic is wonderful and truly necessary when working in such a small team.As millennials,we are big proponents of the experience of own personal lives,which definitely translates into our professional careers.We treat our clients the way we would wish to be treated and enjoy going above and beyond.


As a participant on the Young Guns Panel at the INSURANCE BUSINESS CANADA Millennials in Insurance masterclass in Toronto on April 24. Arien Ebrahimi understands the importance of creating a workplace that resonates with the next generation of insurance professionals. “As a young team,we all have our own personal aspirations when it comes to success” he says. “Working with like-minded individuals fuels and motivates each of us to achieve our goals”.
Ebrahimi’s business partner, Stanislav Kojokin,adds. “It is amazing working with a similar peer group. We are all comfortable sharing ideas and pushing boundaries. We feed off of each other’s successes and all have a similar vision for the brokerage”.


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