Fleet Insurance

If you run a company that operates a number of vehicles then insurance can be a costly proposition. But it doesn’t need to be. By opting for fleet insurance with an experienced and qualified broker such as KASE Insurance, you can save yourself and your company some money while still maintaining the complete coverage that you need.

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What is Fleet Insurance

Fleet insurance is offered to businesses that own a minimum of 5 vehicles and use these for business purposes. There are ways that smaller businesses can meet these requirements if they fall short, such as including personal vehicles owned by principals. To learn more about this and to discuss policy options at length, contact a KASE Insurance professional today. We offer comprehensive fleet insurance in Toronto and surrounding areas and can help businesses of all sizes and in all industries.

Why is Fleet Insurance so Important

Fleet insurance provides uniformity and allows companies that operate a number of vehicles to cover themselves against costly outcomes. Fleet insurance policies can also save the client some money when compared to individual auto insurance policies, although clients will need to factor in loss ratio, vehicle usage and driver history, as all of these things can impact on the price of the premiums.

What Does Fleet Insurance Cover

Fleet insurance covers commercial vehicles similar to the way that a personal insurance plan covers a personal vehicle. It can provide cover for:

• Accidents Resulting in Damage: In the event of an accident that results in damage to the vehicle, a comprehensive fleet insurance plan may be able to provide cover and to pickup some of the costs involved with repairing the vehicle and getting it back on the road. This is true even if the vehicle is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced.
• Accidents Resulting in Bodily Harm: If a commercial vehicle causes bodily harm to a member of the public or even to the employee driving it, then fleet insurance may be able to step in and cover some of the resulting legal costs.

It’s worth noting, however, that basic plans do not provide comprehensive cover and additional coverage may be required. For example, basic fleet insurance cover may not cover medical bills and lawsuits resulting from bodily harm, but additional coverage can be purchased that will provide such options. This is something that you can discuss with one of our brokers, so contact KASE today for comprehensive fleet insurance cover in Toronto.

Who Needs Fleet Insurance

Any company that operates a fleet of vehicles (defined as a minimum of 5 in Ontario) should look to purchase fleet insurance in order to cover those vehicles. This is true for any companies operating in the transport sector, where the vehicles in question are typically large trucks and are used to transport goods long distances. But it is also true for companies whose job it is to move people, such as taxi firms, as well as companies tasked with delivering packages, helping customers to move house, and more.

The size of the company doesn’t necessarily come into play here and there are also few restrictions concerning how the vehicles are used or what they are used for. If they are commercial, and there are more than 5, a fleet insurance plan can cover them.

If you are not sure, or if you don’t quite meet the minimum requirements but have additional personal vehicles, then you can discuss your options with one of our insurance brokers. They are well versed in the regulations and understand what is required. They can also take basic information from you and create an accurate quote, giving you an idea of how much you will need to pay before you make your final decision.

Why go with KASE Insurance

At KASE Insurance we work with several trusted carriers to provide complete fleet insurance in Toronto and surrounding regions. We can help businesses of all sizes and in all sectors and provide comprehensive cover across the board. Our innovative insurance solutions and customer centric approach have propelled us to the top of the insurance industry in the Ontario region.

If you need fleet insurance, or any other kind of commercial insurance, then contact us today. Our brokers can provide you with a quick and accurate quote based on the information that you provide them with and if that quote is accepted then we can make sure you are covered quickly.