Electrician Contractor Liability Insurance

There are over 86,000 electrician contractors in Canada. These contractors deal with electrical wiring and high voltages on a regular basis, making this line of work one of the most hazardous ones out there.  Some of the risks these contractors face include electrical burns, exposure to toxic materials, falls, explosions and more. Beyond these personal injuries, electrician contractors also face the risk of causing injury to other people or causing property damage while performing job-related activities. 

Due to the amount of focus needed to accomplish daily tasks in this line of work, electricians should be free from worries like the ones mentioned above. This is where electrician contractor liability insurance comes in. This insurance policy is designed to help businesses and electrician contractors to be protected against common potential liabilities. 

KASE Insurance is one of the leading providers of electrician contractor liability insurance in Toronto and the rest of Canada. We can help you get the protection you need so you can have peace of mind to focus on getting the job done. 

What Is Electrician Contractor Liability Insurance?

Electrician contractor liability insurance, also known as general liability insurance, is a type of insurance policy that helps electrical companies, individual electrician contractors, and subcontractors protect themselves against common potential liabilities.

Liabilities can arise from injuries to third parties and property damage. With the myriad of risky tasks that electrician contractors do on a regular basis, there’s always a possibility of third-party injuries from explosions, falling objects, and more. Meanwhile, property damage can also take the form of damage to electrical wiring, physical damage from an explosion, and more. Depending on your policy, electrician contractor liability insurance can also help protect you from claims alleging libel and slander.

Because of the comprehensive protection that electrician contractor liability insurance provides, it is indeed a good move for your business. Furthermore, setting up this insurance policy gives peace of mind to business owners and electrician contractors.
Electrician contractor at work

Why Is Electrician Contractor Liability Insurance so Important?

Arguably, the job of an electrician contractor is fraught with potential risks that can result in costly claims. On a daily basis, electrician contractors could be doing the following tasks:

  • Installation, maintenance, or wiring repair
  • Inspection of electrical components (circuit breakers, transformers)
  • Identifying electrical problems using various testing devices
  • Repairing or replacing fixtures or equipment using power tools 

Working with electricity and electrical components inherently carries risks of accidents happening, whether they are electrical or otherwise. Various factors like failed equipment, faulty components, ineffective guarding, and other factors can contribute to accidents that can injure third-parties (e.g. the customer, bystanders, etc.) or cause property damage. 

Therefore, getting electrician contractor liability insurance in Toronto is one of the best ways to protect your employees or yourself from costly liabilities that arise from third-party injuries and property damage. 

What Does Electrician Contractor Liability Insurance Cover?

The main objective of electrician contractor liability insurance is to protect businesses, contractors, and subcontractors against liabilities and damages. Here, we’ll talk about the four main coverages that this insurance has along with some example scenarios.

1. Damage to the Property 

While working on a project whether it’s a house, building or another structure, there is always a chance that the electrician contractor will accidentally cause physical damage to the property itself or something within the property. An example of this is damage because of an explosion. It can also be electrical damage to appliances within the house or building. In scenarios like this, your electrician contractor insurance will provide you with coverage should you need to pay for the repair or replacement of what was damaged. 

2. Bodily Injury 

While working on a project, the electrician contractor might also accidentally cause or contribute to an injury of a third-party which could be the homeowner, a bystander, or anyone who isn’t connected to the business. Possible scenarios could be an injury from an explosion or from falling objects or tools. In cases like this, your electrician contractor insurance will give you the coverage that you need to help pay for the medical bills.

3. Completed Operations 

After the electrician contractor’s services are finished, the customer might complain that the completed operations caused or contributed to bodily harm or property damages. This will still be covered in your electrician contractor liability insurance.  

4. Reputational Harm 

Depending on the coverage of your insurance policy, electrician contractor liability insurance can also help in case of reputational harm as a result of libel, slander, malicious prosecution, and more. 

Though these are the common coverages for this insurance policy, we can discuss additional coverages tailor-fit to your needs. 

Who Needs Electrician Contractor Liability Insurance?

Electrician contractor liability insurance in Toronto can be purchased by individual electrician contractors or by the company hiring them. This type of insurance policy is recommended for the following lines of work:

  • Domestic or residential electrician contractor
  • Commercial electrician contractor
  • Industrial electrician contractor
  • Construction electrician contractor
  • Journeyman electrician contractor

Why Choose KASE Insurance?

It’s no secret that working with electricity can be hazardous to not just the electrician contractor but also to third parties and to the property being worked on. In such an industry, it’s always best to be prepared for anything. Although you are already doing plenty to protect your business with a standard electrician contractor liability insurance policy, you can still customize your insurance for additional coverage that you would need.

As one of the top insurance providers in Canada, KASE Insurance is your partner in putting together the best possible insurance policy for yourself or for your employees. We can easily put together a comprehensive insurance policy based on your unique needs. We have a great track record in serving various clients from different industries. Along the way, we’ve collected multiple awards and gained a wealth of industry recognition. You can be sure that you are in good hands with KASE Insurance. 

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have for us. Contact us today or get a quick quote and let’s get started!

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