COVID-19 Insurance FAQs

Apr 21 2020

There’s no doubt that one of the keys to making it through COVID-19 is to have the right information. With more and more countries (including Canada) going into lockdown, we are experiencing massive changes in every aspect of our lives—but especially in business. Citizens are forced to stay indoors, cars are no longer used as much as they used to be, nonessential businesses are compelled to shut down momentarily, and so on. 

Due to these changes, you may be wondering how COVID-19 affects your commercial insurance needs. We’re here to shed some light on this.

Staying Informed About COVID-19

Health and safety always come first. Before we dive into more information about how this pandemic is affecting your insurance policies, please feel free to check out these resources about the status of COVID-19 in Canada, the proactive steps you can take to protect you and your loved ones, self-assessment tools, and more:

  • Stay up to date on the current status of COVID-19 in Ontario. Read more at
  • Be informed about the precautions and steps you can take to stay safe while in self-isolation. Read more at
  • Know the symptoms of COVID -19. Access this accurate Self-Assessment tool.
  • Know the list of essential businesses that remain open during this time. Read more at
  • Learn more about employment and social development in Canada during this time. View this comprehensive resource from
  • Find out how the Government of Canada is providing support for individuals, businesses, and industries. Read more at

Your FAQs Relating to COVID-19 & Insurance

Is KASE Insurance still open for business during this time?

Absolutely! As you might have read from one of the resources linked above, insurance is listed as an essential business by the Ontario government. Due to this, KASE Insurance continues to operate, ever ready to assist you with your concerns. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via phone or through our online form if you would like a quick quote.

How do I make payments for my insurance during this time?

Various convenient payment options are still available for you. You can choose to pay online, using Interac E-transfer, pay by credit card, or even by mailing a cheque. However, please keep in mind that during this time though mail deliveries will be considerably slower. So if you can, opt for the other payment options to make sure your payments go through on time.

Can I still make an insurance claim during COVID-19?

Whatever time of day it is, there will always be someone to assist you when you need to report a claim. Please feel free to contact us via phone or through our after-hours claims department. You can also contact your dedicated Account Manager for assistance.

How do I access my documents regarding my insurance policy?

Having trouble accessing documents about your insurance policy? Please feel free to contact us via phone. We’ll be more than happy to help!

How are late payments being handled?

We understand that you may fall behind on your insurance payments due to a wide variety of factors or unforeseen circumstances related to COVID-19. For this reason, we have temporarily waved administrative fees for late payments. As always, we recommend you get in touch with your Account Manager for more information.

Is business interruption during COVID-19 covered by my policy?

Due to the pandemic, plenty of businesses have been forced to close, leading to reduced revenue or no revenue at all. As a business owner, you might be wondering if your business interruption policy covers pandemics like COVID-19. Unfortunately, business interruption coverage is meant to respond only to a specified or named peril (e.g. flood or fire). This coverage was never meant to respond to pandemics. Additionally, for your business interruption policy to cover lost revenue, there needs to be actual physical damage on the tangible property caused by an insured or specified peril.

As sales will be reduced dramatically by COVID-19, can my insurance premiums be reduced as well?

Both essential and nonessential businesses are suffering from reduced sales during this time. Commonly, midterm revenue adjustments are not permitted. However, because of the state of things, our underwriters are allowing this on a case by case basis.  For more information, please reach out to your Account Manager. You can also contact us via phone.

How much time can my business/facilities be unoccupied or vacant before it becomes a problem for my insurer?

The longest amount of time your place of business can remain unoccupied before it becomes an issue is judged on a case by case basis. We highly recommend that you get in touch with your Account Manager by contacting us.

Will I be allowed to reduce my premium by reducing or removing coverages?

You will be allowed to do so. However, if you are renting a commercial property, you will need to double-check your lease agreement with your landlord as there may be specific coverages that you are not allowed to remove (e.g. equipment breakdown or liability).

Will I be covered for lost rental revenue because of COVID-19?

Unfortunately, lost rental revenue is included in the coverage of a rental property only if it’s caused by specified insurable perils (e.g. flood, fire). A pandemic like COVID-19 is not an insurable peril.

Would it be a problem if my rental property remains vacant?

For changes to the status of your property like this one, you would need to contact us via phone or reach out to your Account Manager. This is an important step to avoid coverage being voided during a vacancy situation.

We’re Here for You!

At KASE Insurance, our clients are our top priority. If you have any additional questions that have not been covered on this page about your insurance in light of COVID-19, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team. We’re here to help you navigate this time with as much ease as possible.

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