Commercial Flat Roofing Insurance Toronto

Commercial flat roofing insurance, as the name suggests, is a type of insurance that covers flat roofs installed on commercial buildings. These roofs are more prone to damage than other roofs and therefore require a very particular and varied insurance policy.

Keep reading to learn more about commercial flat roofing insurance in Toronto and throughout the Ontario region.


What is Commercial Flat Roofing Insurance

Commercial flat roofing insurance covers all commercial properties that have flat roofs installed. Insurance can be harder to find and more expensive for buildings with flat roofs, and policyholders may find that despite the cost and the pre-contract promises, they are not covered for everything.

Commercial flat roofing insurance in Toronto, as provided by KASE Insurance, offers complete coverage and total transparency, giving policyholders the peace of mind they need at what can be a very difficult and concerning time.

Why is Commercial Flat Roofing Insurance so Important?

Flat roofs are prone to weather damage and other complications and can cause a great deal of stress for the owner. If a roof becomes damages it needs to be fixed straight away lest the damage spread and begin to impact on the property and the contents.

But it’s not always easy to get prompt assistance with fixing a flat roof problem and it’s definitely not cheap. That’s where Toronto flat roofing insurance comes in. A fully comprehensive insurance policy will provide cover for an array of eventualities, ensuring the policyholder has the money and the means to fix their roof quickly if a disaster arises.

Not only can this limit the long-term damage done to the roof, but it can safeguard the home or the business it protects and prevent any serious damage to the property or its contents.

What Does Commercial Flat Roofing Insurance Cover?

Flat roofing insurance in Toronto covers against damage, with an emphasis on common weather damage, such as high winds and rain. The exact coverage will depend on the size of the policy, but here at KASE Insurance we offer comprehensive coverage to ensure you’re not left wanting if you have an issue with your flat roof.

If there is an issue and you have flat roofing insurance in Toronto, you can contact an emergency number to get assistance within 48 hours. This is true whether there is weather damage, a broken pipe, or any other type of damage. If an extensive repair is needed and the building is not safe during that time, then your insurance may also cover the cost of alternative operating premises and any other fees that you accrue during this period.

The material that the flat roof is made from, in addition to its age and current state of repair, will dictate the cost of cover, with higher-quality and newer roofs coster less than older and poorly maintained roofs.

Who Needs Does Commercial Flat Roofing Insurance?

Anyone with a flat roof in their place of work can benefit from flat roofing insurance. These roofs are more prone to weather damage and leaks, as they they are not able to shed water efficiently. These roofs can still be very well made and modern flat roofs are not as vulnerable as older ones, but it’s still something that business owners need to guard themselves against.

Flat roofs continue to be used today because despite the increased risks, they can be more energy efficient and they also tend to be cheaper to install. However, experts estimate that a flat roof will deteriorate at a much greater rate than a sloped roof and will require extensive maintenance or complete replacement within a decade, as opposed to 15 to 20 years for a sloped roof.

Of course, this is also dependent on the material and the climate, and it’s not uncommon for flat roofs to last for many more years.

Why go with KASE Insurance?

At KASE Insurance, we believe in providing the very best level of service to every customer. We understand that flat roofs come with their own challenges and that insurance policies tend to be higher as a result, but we do our best to bring those prices down while still providing comprehensive cover. You don’t need to suffer because of the shape of your roof.

As Toronto’s leading commercial insurance broker, all of our insurance policies are tailored to individuals/businesses and their exacting needs. You won’t pay extra for something that you don’t want or need and you’ll get everything that you do want and need.

To enquire about flat roofing insurance in Toronto, speak with a KASE Insurance representative today.