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Why Sell in the Insurance Industry

Always Building -Never Start at 0

Always Building -
Never Start at 0

Most salespeople earn based on their productivity in a given week, month, or quarter. However, when that period is over, they start right back at 0 and in some cases have to beat previous sales achievements to qualify for bonus’.

We do things differently at KASE Insurance. As an Insurance Producer, you’re always building your book of business. Every sale builds your future and an active producer will see increased earnings every year barring some major catastrophes. Sales made today will pay recurring commissions upon renewal.

Even better, the customers you make are businesses that likely have other enterprises and opportunities for you, so not only do accounts keep renewing, but they also grow. Lastly, birds of a feather flock together, which means you’re likely to get referrals from existing customers.

Your commissions will grow and your rate of new sales, with the same effort should increase month over month.

Sell Something You
Believe In

There are a lot of sales roles out there, and the best ones are for products and services that are you believe in. There is a great sense of fulfillment and belief in providing a service and product that’s best in class and needed. At KASE Insurance we sell insurance products to businesses that need it, and are there to find creative solutions to cover those businesses in a variety of ways. At KASE Insurance you can offer the best product, at the best price, while providing peace of mind to your customer that they’re covered.

Sell Something You Believe In
Always Engaging With Business Owners

Always Engaging With
Business Owners

As an Insurance Producer, you’ll get to work with a variety of industries, different businesses, business owners, and stakeholders. This means new personalities, new insurance products and new relationships are being formed. Every day is different and there will always be something new to stimulate your mind, which makes getting out of bed and coming to work exciting.

The deal sizes can range from a few hundred dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. The deals you close are often followed by upselling opportunities and client referrals. Every new relationship can be a tree that grows many branches, matures and yields new seeds.

No two deals are ever the same and no two days are ever the same. This makes work fun, challenging, frustrating at times, but mostly, incredibly rewarding.

Why KASE Insurance


You will not be the best on day one. There’s a lot you do not know and you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s expected and that’s just fine because you’ll be surrounded by producers, client success managers and partners who are all invested in your success.

You’ll have a whole team to lean on when you need help, whether you need help with:

  • What’s the best industry vertical to call?

  • What are the right questions to ask a prospect?

  • How can we get this difficult to insure customers with some options?

Etc… We’ll show you the ins and outs over the first year and as situations arise.

Of course, there are two important things about our culture you should need to know.

It’s important for you to want to help yourself, so make Google your best friend and when asking questions, take notes.

Ultimately, when you succeed, the company does. We all have the same goal.

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